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The Painted Wolf

The Painted Wolf By Stefenie Botha Wild dogs are one of the most iconic species in the African bush, their formidable hunting strategies and strong family bonds are characteristics to be admired. Wild dogs are the African equivalent of a wolf, the Latin name Lycaon pictus meaning Painted Wolf. This refers to the dog’s irregular  …

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The Lions of Mjejane

The Lions of Mjejane By Stefenie Botha The King of the Jungle! This is normally how people refer to the regal lion. They are impressive, especially with those penetrating yellow eyes and the beautiful dark manes. Mjejane Game Reserve is home to a large lion pride that provides countless opportunities to view them in their …

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More About Tzaneen

More About Tzaneen Did you know that the word Tzaneen comes from the word ‘tsaneng’ which means ‘come together’? Well now you know. Situated in the foothills of the impressive Wolkberg (Cloud mountain), this is a total gem of a tourist and holiday destination. Enjoy the very comfortable moderate temperature all year round and explore …

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More About Hazyview

More About Hazyview Are bananas possibly your favourite fruit? Then welcome to their kingdom. Hazyview is a lush, green sub-tropical farming town in Mpumalanga renowned for its large banana and macadamia nut industries. With lots to do in this town the weather is very fitting. There’s always a little something to do wherever you go …

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More About Hoedspruit

More About Hoedspruit Could green possibly be your favourite colour? Then this is your town? Hoedspruit offers a lifestyle that will leave you green with envy. named after the Afrikaans meaning “Hat Creek”. It doesn’t end there, there’s plenty to get up to, here’s a little hint. Lowveld Odyssey Safaris Kinyonga Reptile Centre Wild Rivers …

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More About Malelane

More About Malelane Whilst visitors flock to Mpumalanga to experience the increasingly elusive bush and wildlife experience, there is far more to be experienced if you scratch beneath the surface. Malelane best known for its production of sugarcane, subtropical fruit and winter vegetables, was named from a swati expression called eMlalani which means place of …

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More About White River

More About White River What’s your favourite small holiday destination? If it’s anywhere but White River then you need to reconsider. You simply cannot go wrong. The quaint town of White River is best known for its tropical fruits and citrus fruits, vegetables and flowers, not to mention the incredible local arts and crafts. The …

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More About Phalaborwa

More About Phalaborwa Are you just as keen to live a little longer like baobab trees? Maybe not 3000 years but old enough to never miss an opportunity to visit Limpopo. Embedded within this amazing province is Phalaborwa, a heartwarming and welcoming town located near the Ga-Selati and the Olifants Rivers, halfway up along the …

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More About Nelspruit

More About Nelspruit Nestled in the heart of Mpumalanga, you’ll find the tranquil and beautiful Nelspruit. Now called Mbombela which in Swati means “a lot of people in a small space”. You’ll be surprised with the ample open space this amazing city has to offer. With great weather all year round, you can expect a …

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