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More About Tzaneen

Did you know that the word Tzaneen comes from the word ‘tsaneng’ which means ‘come together’? Well now you know. Situated in the foothills of the impressive Wolkberg (Cloud mountain), this is a total gem of a tourist and holiday destination. Enjoy the very comfortable moderate temperature all year round and explore attractions that delight both the first time and the repeat visitor.

You’ll definitely want to come back, especially if you’ve experienced these.

Some things are not planned but they happen right? We are ready for that low blow, here are some contacts to get you prepared.

Add a little extra to your trip, those packets of chips you have packed need a little dip. Find a few grocery stores at these malls.

  • Tzaneng Mall
  • Tzaneen Lifestyle Centre

Don’t forget to feed yourself while you’re there, there’s quite a few hours in a day and the stomach’s got to be full. Enjoy a meal at one of the restaurants.

Did we mention this is the kingdom of fresh fruits? You have to come see this!

Tzaneen Accommodation:

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